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A tear jerking surprise

April 21, 2009

I was completely bowled over yesterday to come home and find a huge box by the back door.

What was it?  I hadn’t ordered anything. I wasn’t expecting anything. Had they got the right house? Label check, having dropped all my bags all over the path in a hurry, showed that yes it was indeed for me and therefore at the right house.  

I do love a good surprise, and I am always curious and excited when I get one, so as you can imagine I didn’t hang about in opening the door so I could get in and open the box.  So excited in fact I left my bags in a heap on the path, opened the door, picked up the box and carried it carefully inside. At this point I should say that the box was 2/3rds the size of me!

What on earth could it be?

Carefully prising open the top of the box I was met by the most wonderful smell and sight of a stunning bright yellow flower arrangement. Mouth now open and tears welling up I carefully lifted them out of the box and hunted for the card to see who was sending me flowers…..

What I found was a lovely message of thanks from Sally and Jon that tipped those tears over the edge and left me speechless.

Sally and Jon, thank you so so much, the flowers are gorgeous and completely unexpected.

Here’s a peek at the glorious yellow flowers in the stunning April sunshine.



Emma and James Engagement Session

April 20, 2009

In complete contrast to Thursdays wedding, the sun was out brightly on Saturday for Emma and James’ engagement photos.

We made the best use of the fine weather and took Megan, Charlie and Dexter the dog to the park in Ely. What an amazing park area for kids, they could lose hours in there! (I could have lost hours there, all the play equipment was big enough for the big kids too!)

Emma and James are getting married in August and I am really excited to be shooting their wedding. It promises to be a really close intimate family day.

Here are some of my favourites from the weekend:

First Megan in action


And Charlie, eyes full of mischief


Not forgetting Dexter


And finally, but by no means least, Emma and James

Some high key love


Bright green grass


and finally just somewhere far away



Sally and Jon Wedding

April 18, 2009

On Thursday, amongst the regular down pours of rain, there was a celebration going on at The Fennes in Essex.  The Fennes is a stunning Essex Wedding Venue, and Carlos and his team ensured that the day went without a hitch.

Sally and Jon where joined by close family and friends to celebrate their marriage, and spirits were soring even when I managed to get all the guests caught in the rain! (We were trying to dodge the rain and failed! Thank you everyone for at least trying to get a group shot outside!)

Glenn Mayes – Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies – was a real help for me, keeping the bride and groom (and me) sheltered under an umbrella when we decided to brave the outside again for some pictures!  Thank you Glenn! 

Sally had a stunning gown from Grace and Lace Bridal in Chelmsford and the amazing cream roses and flowers were from Nicola Ann Floral Designs.

It was a great day, here are a few of my favourites:








Sally and Jon’s Wedding Preview

April 17, 2009

Despite the persistant rain I had a great day yesterday with Sally, Jon and their guests.

This one sums up the weather and the spirit of the guests to get out and have a good time regardless!

More to follow in the week.



Easter Bunny – Esmee Rose

April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

I can’t resist sharing a very happy little Easter Bunny with you!


Esmee loves wearing hats and thinks they are very funny as you can see from the photos in this post! She is also rather partial to the paper and a good story!


Grandad – This one is for you! (Remind you of Frank Spencer too?)


Her favourite book, ok a Christmas one at Easter, but it’s a cool pop up book so I don’t blame her.


Deeply engrossed in the News of the world – at her age I am sure it’s all very interesting


And just too cute!



Wedding Photography – Capturing the details

April 7, 2009

I am often asked about my style of photography, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts on capturing your special day, why I work that way and because I just can’t bring myself to post without pictures include some more of my favourites.

Looking at my Mum’s wedding photos, as I have many many times, there are no details from the day, well in the early 70’s they didn’t do that kind of thing, it was just the formal shots of the bride, groom and guests, 25 pictures, done! So it always feels as if there is a chapter or two missing.

Fast forward to my wedding a short while ago and I have an album that tells the whole story of the day from start to finish. Already when we look at it we see things that aren’t so fresh in our minds (not the most important bits I hasten to add, but the little details that made the day so special, but that got lost in the blur of the day, when you are the bride the day goes so quick!) and the photos give our ailing memories a gentle reminder, evoking lots of wonderful memories and huge smiles. I know how much planning went into all those details, how long it took to find the perfect ribbon or stationary, the perfect shoes and flowers, so it’s important that all the details are recorded.

I look to simply capture all the details so that my brides will have complete stories. They can then relive the whole day through their wedding album, anytime they like for the rest of their days, nothing forgotten. And in 40 years time, well it will feel just like yesterday.

So without further fuss here are my favourites: