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NEW BLOG – Check it out

July 21, 2009

If you follow my blog you will know that I have been having a bit of a website and blog make over recently and I am really excited to say that my new blog is now already for you to have a look at.

From now on you will be able to check out all my latest news and events at the new blog, and for those of you with favourites on this blog that you keep peeking back at, don’t worry they have all been loaded onto the new blog.

So with out further ado here is the new blog address,, don’t forget to change your RSS link.

Look forward to seeing you there!

P.S Just to tempt you some more, a new post from Joe and Sunny’s Wedding is heading up the blog today.


Wedding Photography – Bronze Award

July 7, 2009

It’s another exciting week in this house!

I’m a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) and every month they have a competition for members photographs with many different catagories. 

Last month was the first time that I have entered the competition and I submitted a blog favourite into the wedding photojournalism catagory.

I was so excited this week to discover that my entry had been awarded a Bronze. It’s always nerve racking entering your images into competitions as whilst the client and I may love them, that’s not to say the judges will! Recieving a bronze with my first entry has left me a little speechless, but with a huge smile! 

Here is the smile making, bronze winner:

Sally and Jon Ballard-194


It’s all very exciting!

July 6, 2009

I know that I have been a little absent from blogging in the last couple of weeks so I thought I would update you on why I have been so ‘quiet’ and why there will be lots coming in the next few weeks.

There has been a secret project going on in this house, my new logo and branding. It’s nearing completion, so you won’t have to wait much longer to have a peek. 

This means my website will be getting a bit of a new look too. In the next few days the pages will be changing and I have lots more to add on there as well as some new gallery pictures. It’s changing everyday in little ways, as I pull it all together. Then in a few weeks it should have a complete make over with the new logo. So keep your eyes peeled!

In the same vein my blog will be getting a new make over and new address, all will be revealed on here, and all your favourites from this site will move to the new blog.

Why you might ask? Well this one is really restricting the size of the photos that I can post on it and I need something that I can customise in my new style. I also want to develop the information of fantastic suppliers that I know and trust to provide you with exceptional service and quality.

In addition to all of these changes, I will be ordering new stationary, and new products to offer my clients so there will be lots to show here.

As if all this wasn’t enough I have also been meeting with a local poet, who writes bespoke poetry for any ocassion and we are developing  an exciting new wedding poetry service, so that you can say all that you want to, in a really special and personal way. While we get the website up and running, if you are interested in the poetry, please drop me a line.

So as you can it’s been really busy here and in the next few weeks I have 6 weddings and 2 portraits sessions so I won’t be quiet on here for much longer!

In the meantime because you all know by now I don’t post without a picture I would like to re introduce you to Edward. You might remember him from one of the early posts on the blog, he wears the coolest rattle shoes. Well check him out now! HOW much has he grown and just how cheeky is that face!!



Interview with Murray Newlands

July 2, 2009

I’m really excited this week, there is so much going on here! (more of that to come later)

Murray Newlands, famous blogger and affiliate marketer, has just published his interview with me, as a Cambridge Wedding Photographer, over at his website

Murray is taking the blogging and Twitter world by storm, you can read more about Murray in Clickbooths interview with Murray Newlands.

Read the full interview where I talk about my blogging as one of the Cambridge Wedding Photographers.

Because I just can’t bring myself to blog without a picture, here is just a little sneaky peek preview of a STUNNING Cambridge Wedding Venue where I will be shooting a wedding in a few weeks.

St Johns-1000


Charlie, Jason and Olivia – Summer Portraits

July 1, 2009

Late on Saturday afternoon I met up with Charlie, Jason and the very adventurous Olivia for some summer portraits. Nearby we have an amazing old airfield that is no longer in use. It provides some fantastic locations for photographs, from wide open runway space to overgrown grass and small woodlands areas.

Olivia had a field day running around and exploring all that was on offer – and at one point took it upon herself to explore some very tall grass. If it wasn’t for her pretty pink top we could have lost sight of her in there.

Here are some of my favourites from the session: