About HayleyRuth


I’ve always loved photographs and photography. My grandparents gave me my first camera when I was ten, and when my grandfather died I inherited his SLR camera. I had lots of fun with it and friends really liked the photos I’d taken of them and their children. When the camera broke during a trip to New York, I bought my first digital SLR and my work as a portrait photographer took off.

Gradually, people started asking me to photograph their weddings too. I’d worked in wedding only venues during my late teens, so already knew the industry well. Organising my own wedding and going to those of family and friends had allowed me to see a wedding from every perspective. It is exciting to be able to put all that experience into my photography. I’ve never lost that excitement. I love being part of each couple’s individual journey, creating a really personal record of their day to help them relive it again and again.

Photography’s a long way from my previous career in HR but, just like in HR, it’s the opportunity to work with people that I enjoy. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy landscape and other types of photography too – I’m constantly pushing myself to learn new skills and techniques to transfer to my wedding and portrait photography.

If you would like to see more of my work please click here

And the stripy socks? Somehow, I’ve become known for them!



  1. Nice socks!!!!

  2. Those socks were what you wore on your wedding day!!

    • They are indeed, and photgraphed by the amazing David Pullum

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