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It’s all very exciting!

July 6, 2009

I know that I have been a little absent from blogging in the last couple of weeks so I thought I would update you on why I have been so ‘quiet’ and why there will be lots coming in the next few weeks.

There has been a secret project going on in this house, my new logo and branding. It’s nearing completion, so you won’t have to wait much longer to have a peek. 

This means my website will be getting a bit of a new look too. In the next few days the pages will be changing and I have lots more to add on there as well as some new gallery pictures. It’s changing everyday in little ways, as I pull it all together. Then in a few weeks it should have a complete make over with the new logo. So keep your eyes peeled!

In the same vein my blog will be getting a new make over and new address, all will be revealed on here, and all your favourites from this site will move to the new blog.

Why you might ask? Well this one is really restricting the size of the photos that I can post on it and I need something that I can customise in my new style. I also want to develop the information of fantastic suppliers that I know and trust to provide you with exceptional service and quality.

In addition to all of these changes, I will be ordering new stationary, and new products to offer my clients so there will be lots to show here.

As if all this wasn’t enough I have also been meeting with a local poet, who writes bespoke poetry for any ocassion and we are developing  an exciting new wedding poetry service, so that you can say all that you want to, in a really special and personal way. While we get the website up and running, if you are interested in the poetry, please drop me a line.

So as you can it’s been really busy here and in the next few weeks I have 6 weddings and 2 portraits sessions so I won’t be quiet on here for much longer!

In the meantime because you all know by now I don’t post without a picture I would like to re introduce you to Edward. You might remember him from one of the early posts on the blog, he wears the coolest rattle shoes. Well check him out now! HOW much has he grown and just how cheeky is that face!!



Interview with Murray Newlands

July 2, 2009

I’m really excited this week, there is so much going on here! (more of that to come later)

Murray Newlands, famous blogger and affiliate marketer, has just published his interview with me, as a Cambridge Wedding Photographer, over at his website

Murray is taking the blogging and Twitter world by storm, you can read more about Murray in Clickbooths interview with Murray Newlands.

Read the full interview where I talk about my blogging as one of the Cambridge Wedding Photographers.

Because I just can’t bring myself to blog without a picture, here is just a little sneaky peek preview of a STUNNING Cambridge Wedding Venue where I will be shooting a wedding in a few weeks.

St Johns-1000


A tear jerking surprise

April 21, 2009

I was completely bowled over yesterday to come home and find a huge box by the back door.

What was it?  I hadn’t ordered anything. I wasn’t expecting anything. Had they got the right house? Label check, having dropped all my bags all over the path in a hurry, showed that yes it was indeed for me and therefore at the right house.  

I do love a good surprise, and I am always curious and excited when I get one, so as you can imagine I didn’t hang about in opening the door so I could get in and open the box.  So excited in fact I left my bags in a heap on the path, opened the door, picked up the box and carried it carefully inside. At this point I should say that the box was 2/3rds the size of me!

What on earth could it be?

Carefully prising open the top of the box I was met by the most wonderful smell and sight of a stunning bright yellow flower arrangement. Mouth now open and tears welling up I carefully lifted them out of the box and hunted for the card to see who was sending me flowers…..

What I found was a lovely message of thanks from Sally and Jon that tipped those tears over the edge and left me speechless.

Sally and Jon, thank you so so much, the flowers are gorgeous and completely unexpected.

Here’s a peek at the glorious yellow flowers in the stunning April sunshine.



Twig Social Network Logo

February 19, 2009

I am really excited, as one of the founders of a new Cambridge Network, Twig, I got to indulge my passion and play with my camera, this is the picture chosen for the Twig logo.



So what is Twig I hear you ask?

Twig has been launched because of the enormous surge in businesses using social media networking tools (think Twitter, blogging, video blogging and ‘traditional’ online networks such as Facebook), and the conundrums and possibilities that these present.

The rules of engagement are definitely changing: we want to learn more about them, and we don’t want Cambridge to be left behind.

Put simply, Twig wants to look at two questions – who are you trying to talk to, and how are you doing so?

But we’re also intensely curious about the value of these tools, the merging of offline and online communication, and perhaps most importantly how all of this is being applied to the different people that we need to talk to – clients, competitors, suppliers, investors, employees, analysts, and so on.

This network is not just for entrepreneurs. It’s also for directors, managers, thinkers and perhaps even the odd oddball, who are all looking to change how they as individuals or businesses communicate to their network and grasp the opportunities that are now out there.

For more details, see  and to sign up see 


Spring is here – well almost!!

February 19, 2009



A lunch time stroll in the sunshine (yes that said sunshine, hard to believe I know) and look what I found!  

Snowdrops! Aptly named you could say after all the recent challenging white weather!

What they do mean is that we are on the home straight everyone, not long and it won’t feel like we are living in the artic! (Although I have to say I will miss playing in the snow!)



Edward and Esmee

February 15, 2009



Esmee came up to see us today, so Edward popped in to say Hi! There are some real coincidences between these two and two seems to be a significant number for them. Both their mums are called Jen, Esmee was due two weeks before Edward, however she was two weeks late and Edward two weeks early so hey presto he arrived first!

Anyway they try and catch up and compare notes with each other whenever they can, and today we discovered they have both found their voices! If only we could understand what on earth they were saying to each other!

Edward has the coolest shoe collection, these little gems even rattle when he moves his feet, much to everyones’ amusement! So cute I want to trade my stripy socks for some!





February 14, 2009


A weekend in London doing nothing but taking photos allowed me to capture these.

It was a challenging weekend as for once I was photographing buildings, using new techniques and creative perspectives. I came home absolutely knackered but really exhilarated by all that I had learnt and as always excited to download the results.  

The photos in the this post are my favourites from the weekend.