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Charlie, Jason and Olivia – Summer Portraits

July 1, 2009

Late on Saturday afternoon I met up with Charlie, Jason and the very adventurous Olivia for some summer portraits. Nearby we have an amazing old airfield that is no longer in use. It provides some fantastic locations for photographs, from wide open runway space to overgrown grass and small woodlands areas.

Olivia had a field day running around and exploring all that was on offer – and at one point took it upon herself to explore some very tall grass. If it wasn’t for her pretty pink top we could have lost sight of her in there.

Here are some of my favourites from the session:










Gemma and Claire – Beach portraits

May 5, 2009

At the weekend I had the absolute joy of photographing Gemma and Claire at Hopton on Sea, Norfolk.  These two knew exactly what they wanted and how to pose for the camera. It felt like a session for America’s Next Top Model!

Choosing my favourites was really hard, but I just love these images in black and white.

We had so much fun, Gemma and Claire you were real super model stars!









Emma and James Engagement Session

April 20, 2009

In complete contrast to Thursdays wedding, the sun was out brightly on Saturday for Emma and James’ engagement photos.

We made the best use of the fine weather and took Megan, Charlie and Dexter the dog to the park in Ely. What an amazing park area for kids, they could lose hours in there! (I could have lost hours there, all the play equipment was big enough for the big kids too!)

Emma and James are getting married in August and I am really excited to be shooting their wedding. It promises to be a really close intimate family day.

Here are some of my favourites from the weekend:

First Megan in action


And Charlie, eyes full of mischief


Not forgetting Dexter


And finally, but by no means least, Emma and James

Some high key love


Bright green grass


and finally just somewhere far away



Easter Bunny – Esmee Rose

April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

I can’t resist sharing a very happy little Easter Bunny with you!


Esmee loves wearing hats and thinks they are very funny as you can see from the photos in this post! She is also rather partial to the paper and a good story!


Grandad – This one is for you! (Remind you of Frank Spencer too?)


Her favourite book, ok a Christmas one at Easter, but it’s a cool pop up book so I don’t blame her.


Deeply engrossed in the News of the world – at her age I am sure it’s all very interesting


And just too cute!



Sally, Jon and Phoebe

March 10, 2009

sally-and-jon-103On Sunday I spent the morning with Sally, Jon and Phoebe.  It was a fantastically sunny morning, although very windy, a trip to the park made the most of the weather before it started to pour down!!

Phoebe’s favourite thing is the slide, and try as you might to get her away from it she heads straight back there as soon as she can!

Now yet again on my blog I am going to feature some cool shoes! Why do kids have such fantastic shoes? These ones are the most gorgeous pink boots and I want want want some! After my recent crippling by big girls shoes, these are definitely right up my street!

Needless to say all that excitement and fresh air wore Phoebe out and so it was back home for an amazing stew for lunch, thank you Sally!

I am really excited to be photographing Sally and Jon’s big day in April at The Fennes  in Essex.

In the meantime here are some of my favourites from today:




Esmee and Adam

February 21, 2009

I have been processing some of the recent baby sessions and am thrilled with the soft feel to the following picutures it really seems to suit both Esmee and Adam, let me know what you think.

New Challenges tomorrow, I am photographing an engagement session with Carrie and Tom, so keep your eyes peeled for their photos.





Edward and Esmee

February 15, 2009



Esmee came up to see us today, so Edward popped in to say Hi! There are some real coincidences between these two and two seems to be a significant number for them. Both their mums are called Jen, Esmee was due two weeks before Edward, however she was two weeks late and Edward two weeks early so hey presto he arrived first!

Anyway they try and catch up and compare notes with each other whenever they can, and today we discovered they have both found their voices! If only we could understand what on earth they were saying to each other!

Edward has the coolest shoe collection, these little gems even rattle when he moves his feet, much to everyones’ amusement! So cute I want to trade my stripy socks for some!