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Charlie, Jason and Olivia – Summer Portraits

July 1, 2009

Late on Saturday afternoon I met up with Charlie, Jason and the very adventurous Olivia for some summer portraits. Nearby we have an amazing old airfield that is no longer in use. It provides some fantastic locations for photographs, from wide open runway space to overgrown grass and small woodlands areas.

Olivia had a field day running around and exploring all that was on offer – and at one point took it upon herself to explore some very tall grass. If it wasn’t for her pretty pink top we could have lost sight of her in there.

Here are some of my favourites from the session:










Toby and Maja – Engagement

May 15, 2009

Last weekend I travelled to Somerset to meet up with my brother and his fiancee Maja.

Toby and Maja are getting married in September, in Gdansk, Poland. From the pictures I have seen on line it’s a stunning old city, and the in side of the church jaw dropping.

It promises to be a great day and I am really looking forward to shooting their wedding pictures, although my Polish needs some extreme work before then!

Talking to Maja last week, I learnt a lot about weddings in Poland. They seem to start very late in the day, and go on all night! Some of the key celebrations taking place after midnight so I am sure it’s going to be a great night.

My brother is like me – not keen on being in front of the camera, so we spent lots of time messing about, another thing that happens when we get together. We did however manage to get some great shots and these are just some of my favourites:

v2Toby and Maja-1

v2Toby and Maja-105

v2Toby and Maja-147

v2Toby and Maja-122

I love the sun and vintage feel to this one! My Favourite!

v2Toby and Maja-153


Gemma and Claire – Beach portraits

May 5, 2009

At the weekend I had the absolute joy of photographing Gemma and Claire at Hopton on Sea, Norfolk.  These two knew exactly what they wanted and how to pose for the camera. It felt like a session for America’s Next Top Model!

Choosing my favourites was really hard, but I just love these images in black and white.

We had so much fun, Gemma and Claire you were real super model stars!









Easter Bunny – Esmee Rose

April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

I can’t resist sharing a very happy little Easter Bunny with you!


Esmee loves wearing hats and thinks they are very funny as you can see from the photos in this post! She is also rather partial to the paper and a good story!


Grandad – This one is for you! (Remind you of Frank Spencer too?)


Her favourite book, ok a Christmas one at Easter, but it’s a cool pop up book so I don’t blame her.


Deeply engrossed in the News of the world – at her age I am sure it’s all very interesting


And just too cute!



Jules – Anytime portraits

March 24, 2009

At the weekend I had a couple of friends to stay for a girlie catch up. We all worked together years ago,  more years ago than I think any of us would like to count!

I can’t resist having my camera out, as you all know by now, and Jules has been a willing model on more than one occasion. In fact when I got my first DSLR a few years ago, Jules was dragged out so I could play!  Thank you Jules, you are a little star in front of my camera always!

What you need to know about Jules is that she is a petite bundle of mischief and those who know her can always tell by her eyes when she’s about to be mischievous!

My favourite photo from the weekend sums her up to a ‘T’. It’s all in those eyes of hers!


Jules this one makes me smile everytime I see it! THANK YOU!!


Vicki, Paul and Alfie – relaxed portraits

March 16, 2009

On Saturday I spent a glorious sunny spring morning with Vicki, Paul and Alfie at Church Farm in Norfolk. We were joined by their friends, Simone, Ebony and Esmai. Church farm is a great place at anytime of year, but right now they have lots of baby farm animals including; lambs and calves, oh and mustn’t forget to mention the most enormous rabbits I have EVER seen!  Alfie and I reckon one of them is as big as he is!!

It’s also packed with lots of fun things for the kids to do, including tractors, trampolines and their new indoor play area, with climbing walls and slides galore, every child’s heaven.

Alfie and Ebony had a field day flitting from one exciting play area to another and it was hard work keeping up with them.

Here are some of my favourites from the day:



Anthea – Anytime Portraits

March 11, 2009

Despite the exceptional windy weather conditions, I had lots of fun on Saturday shooting some portraits of Anthea in Saffron Walden, we tried lots of new things and had great fun in the park!

Thank you Anthea for playing along with some of my hair brained ideas it was a blast!

This is my favourite from the session: